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Basewell Security Overview

Safeguarding, securing, and stewarding your data is our top concern. Every feature is built with these principles in mind.


An ongoing commitment to protect your most critical information.

Data Security

Customer data is backed up daily and secured in transit, storage, processing, and at rest with strictly enforced access controls. Admins can add granular user permissions to segment content visibility and access when using Basewell.

Application Security

Basewell is wrapped in an authentication layer, with logging enabled on all critical systems. We routinely scan for vulnerabilities, monitor packages, and conduct security reviews of the codebase. All features must pass rigorous quality and security controls before entering production. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is used to host our application. All data center physical security controls are deferred to them.

AWS physical security controls

Security Profiles and Infrastructure

Basewell is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the major cloud service providers, in the East US region. Customer data is not stored outside of production environments, and customer accounts are logically separated from development instances with unique development, testing, and production environments. Basewell employees are only allowed to access customer data—with permission—during troubleshooting sessions.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Basewell AI—powering helpful, contextualized, high-quality product experiences.


AI subprocessors are forbidden from using Basewell customer data to train models. In addition, Basewell utilizes zero-retention policies when possible, with minimum-retention policies as the standard. For more information on AI subprocessor information, visit OpenAI's security portal.

Data Retention Policy


Workspace data powering Basewell AI is logically separated. Basewell AI operates autonomously within each workspace instance, minimizing errors, and eliminating cross-pollination between similar concepts across different organizations. All Basewell AI responses include links to source material for transparency on how responses were informed, and we follow AI subprocessor best practices to ensure accurate, consistent, and safe results.


Enterprise-grade stability you can count on.


Basewell utilizes a global server network to deploy reliable, stable, and fast user experiences, anywhere. Additionally, region redundancy and backup deployment protections are in place should a region fail or go offline. Basewell's global uptime is 99.99%.


Basewell's development best practices are built to follow international guidelines and regulatory standards. Our data and privacy programs comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our SOC 2 Type 2 certification is in process.

GDPR Standards