Questions are everywhere.
Now answers are, too.

Basewell provides instant answers to employee questions
based on your company's knowledge.

Your company's knowledge is scattered and inaccessible when it's most needed.

Knowledge is siloed

and "best practices" to train teams are slow, manual, and error-prone.

Tools for centralizing and sharing information are outdated,

requiring multiple people and apps to work properly.

No data is captured identifying knowledge gaps,

forcing teams to operate wastefully and creating organizational blind spots.

Basewell solves these problems with autonomous knowledge and structured training tools.

Company knowledge is aggregated

from wherever it lives, or written natively in Basewell.

Basewell AI learns from that knowledge

providing answers in chat, with options for more structured training.

Admins have robust data

on questions and engagement, helping to find and fix knowledge gaps.

Bring employee training into the modern era

Built on the cutting edge of technology, Basewell is up to 1,000 times faster than traditional methods of employee training.


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Empower your teams with instant answers
and modern training tools.

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