A training platform that automatically adjusts to employee needs

Basewell helps companies maximize productivity, reduce waste, and cultivate high-performing teams with AI-powered, personalized learning.

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Favorite features,

Best-in-class tools to create, distribute, and measure dynamic training content.


Craft lessons instantly with slash commands, media and markup support, AI content generation, and real-time multiplayer.

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Connect your favorite apps to build training content or share data. Notion is our first integration with more launching soon.


Sort learners with granular permissions so the right info always gets to the right person.

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Track comprehension with quizzes optimized for focus, instant score feedback and real-time data updates.

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Industry-leading data at your fingertips

Every interaction is analyzed and reported, giving total clarity on team strengths & weaknesses.

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Basewell AI

Personalized for your company, primed for nuanced natural language.


Brainstorm new ideas, rewrite text in a different voice, and generate resources without losing context.

Expand ideas, generate content, and polish writing.


Query Basewell AI to retrieve specific parameters, reports, or lists in your data center.

Interact with your data using natural language.


Use Basewell AI to tailor the learning experience to each person, based on how they learn and work.

Automatically personalize training to each user.


Start for free with plans that perfectly scale.


For small teams needing premium learning tools without the premium price



per month

Up to 3 active trainees

AI-powered adaptability

Unlimited admins

Unlimited courses

Unlimited quizzes

Unlimited integrations

AI-powered content generation


For growing companies needing robust data, flexibility, and control



per trainee
per month

Everything in starter, plus:

Unlimited trainees

Comprehensive reporting

Granular permissions

Granular segmentation




...and more!

Custom enterprise pricing is available.
Contact sales to learn more.

Note: some features are still in development.

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