Insanely Smart
Training Analytics.

Basewell collects & visualizes your LMS + IRL training data and uses smart algorithms to help you increase employee productivity while lowering liabilities, cost, & churn.

Basewell dashboard example.

Not your average training analytics platform.

Stop wasting your time with generalized, irrelevant data from outdated API pulls.

Basewell's smart algorithms measure how your training is interpreted, retained, and applied across your entire workforce so you can address potential issues before they're felt on the bottom line.

Seamless Integrations

Connect Basewell to your favorite training, HR, and CRM tools with a single click.

Infinitely Customizable

Adjust every data point—from training data, to users/groups, to KPIs and quotas—to suit your specific needs.

Brilliant Algorithms

Identify red flags to predict and fix training issues before they leave a negative impact.

Beautiful UI

Experience a clean, modern interface built from the ground up for simplicity and focus.

Infinitely Scalable

Scale Basewell to adaptively meet your team's size; regardless of whether that's 5 or 5,000 employees.

Globally Accessible

Aggregate real-time training data from employees anywhere in the world, anytime.