A Smarter Corporate Training Platform.

Know what training is working—and what isn't—through measuring the data that matters.

Basewell MVP Screenshot

Let's face it...
You probably hate your LMS.

We understand. Today’s LMS options are more focused on content interactions than data. This forces corporations to operate blind, making reactive decisions.

Current LMS problems:

Video Camera
Focus on content, not data.
Smiling Face
Lack of customization options.
Break in fast-paced environments.
Stop Sign
Unnecessary and useless features.

Basewell is the solution.

In addition to creating delightful training experiences that scale, Basewell uses proprietary machine learning models to produce real-time, comprehensive reporting.

Now employees can execute with certainty, and employers can eliminate waste and liabilities.

It's a win-win.
Employees onboard to specific learning paths.

Customize every interaction to the unique needs of each person, location, or region.

Basewell's AI goes to work behind the scenes.

All your employees need to do is train as normal. Every interaction is stored, measured, and reported.

Execute and adjust, avoiding costly mistakes.

Use 3rd party integrations and red-flag indicators to spot issues (before they cause a negative impact).