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Announcing our OneDrive Integration

Centralize company knowledge without changing habits.


April 19, 2024

Written by

Evan Stewart

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A tricky problem in B2B SaaS is delivering solutions without requiring dramatic employee habit changes. Radical solutions without radical disruption. We think a world dominated by platforms—where everything requires yet another account and workflow shift—deserves something a little different.

Our new OneDrive integration is a step in that direction. A nod to the future of Basewell, while solving a very real problem:

  • Getting knowledge somewhere

  • Keeping it fresh

  • Making it accessible

All without requiring customers to do the heavy-lifting, or forcing disruptive habit changes.

This means you can continue using tools you already use—in this case, OneDrive. Basewell keeps information fresh on your behalf by syncing behind the scenes.

  • No more duplicating work in multiple places.

  • No more downloading resources from point A just to upload them in point B.

Your team can just work, because Basewell just works. Knowledge is synced when needed, and accessible instantly. Pretty cool, huh?

The Advantage of Faster, More Efficient Knowledge Retrieval

Dream for a moment.

  • What would your company look like if employees had answers to their questions in 3 seconds instead of 3 days?

  • How much would their lives, your business, and your customer’s excitement increase when time between a question and answer was eliminated?

  • What would be possible when every employee was equipped with the information to do their best work, every day?

Moving an order of magnitude faster than before is critical. Yet what’s most exciting, is the ability to do so without fracturing the systems you have in place. It’s kind of like getting in the car you already use for that morning commute, but it suddenly can fly and go 100 mph.

Our OneDrive integration marks a turning point for businesses using Basewell: making processes more efficient, teams more skilled, and knowledge a little less fractured in a single click.

Help employees execute with confidence and speed, by delivering answers when time matters most. Start by creating a Basewell account, link your OneDrive and other resources, and we’ll do the rest.