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Celebrating National Online Learning Day

Some our favorite things about corporate eLearning tools and how we're pushing the industry forward.


September 15, 2023

Written by

Evan Stewart

Celebrating #OnlineLearningDay

Today is #OnlineLearningDay! 🎉

National Online Learning Day is a day reserved to acknowledge the educators, students, and technology companies that support the virtual learning ecosystem. In the modern workforce alone, online learning platforms have played a pivotal role in enhancing employee skills, knowledge, and adaptability:

  • Research conducted by MIT shows that virtual learning tools helped companies see average profitability increases of 25%.

  • A Zippia study revealed that 42% of companies experienced increased revenue after implementing eLearning tools.

  • That same Zippia study also revealed eLearning tools significantly decrease required time for training—in some cases by as much as 60%!

There’s so much to love about eLearning tools. Our top three favorites:

Real-Time Performance Monitoring

Training is impossible without data on what’s working, what’s not and why. Without this information, companies have no insight—other than employee performance—on training’s impact. According to a Gallup study, that annual impact could be as high as $398 billion for U.S. companies!

Employee performance shouldn’t be the only metric to know if training is working or not.

Our approach to real-time performance monitoring

In Basewell, every interaction is recorded, weighted, measured, and presented with context. With a single click, you can view how training impacts your entire organization, and drill down to the individual person or day to see more granular insights: instantly revealing which people, content, or actions led to a change in comprehension.

That’s already powerful—and it’s only just the beginning. Later this year we’re launching natural language interactivity with Basewell analytics, allowing companies to converse with their data: smart, personalized, conversational, and instant insights.


Demand for virtual learning tools increases as a company grows. However, in order for these tools to function at scale, they need to excel at a few key things:

  1. Distribute information throughout the workforce quickly and efficiently

  2. Prioritize simplicity and intuitiveness in the user interface

  3. Integrate well into the rest of a company’s tech stack

Learning tools work best when they’re naturally-integrated into your tech stack: walled gardens only make things more complicated.

Our approach to scalability

Eliminating tech stack complexity at scale inspired the creation of our trainee management system. Loved by startups and enterprise alike, it’s effortless to govern the flow of training information and nuanced details of each employee.

You can change departments, statuses, and assignments with a single click, and view historical data on each user’s comprehension and engagement—all without bloated interfaces or excessive nesting.

Retention and Career Development

Hiring talented new people is an exciting process, although expensive. According to a PeopleKeep report, the average business invests 10%-20% of a new employee's salary just on training alone! There is something to be said for investing in the development, community, and support systems of current employees, in addition to new ones.

According to Monster, 45% of employees are more likely to stay at their current jobs if they were offered more training and development opportunities.

Our approach to employee retention and career development

By supporting dynamic content like media, markups, embeds, code, in addition to seamlessly integrating with other workspace tools like Notion, and presenting best-in-class analytics, Basewell quickly becomes your company’s most important store of knowledge. Employee retention begins with professional development, and successful professional development begins with a data-forward system built for people.

How Basewell is building future of online learning

It goes without saying that virtual learning tools have been revolutionary across all education domains, yet there is still room for improvement.

Our vision for the future of online learning tools is in adaptability: software that uses AI to understand you—the context of who you are, how you work, and what you’re trying to achieve—and automatically conforms to meet your needs and objectives.

We are proud to be building that future and invite you to take part in it. Celebrate #OnlineLearningDay by experiencing the future of virtual learning tools at Basewell.