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Spooky Training Stories

The top 4 spookiest scenarios employees encounter when training.


October 31, 2023

A ghost sitting at a computer

To celebrate Halloween this year, we’re unveiling the top 4 spoOoOOokiest scenarios employees encounter when training.

⚠️WARNING:⚠️ These real-life scenarios have haunted employees. Read on so you know how to steer clear of training horrors and create a better training experience for your team.

Corn maze Coursework

This happens when employees are dropped into content with no direction or path to follow. The lack of guidance leaves employees feeling lost and aimless, uncertain of which way to proceed.

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Zombie Zoom Meetings

Newly-hired employees who complete training over Zoom can turn into “zombies,” drained of energy due to prolonged screen time (with no end in sight!)

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Spooky Software

Employees log into their training portal and come face-to-face with scary, outdated software. AHHHHHHHH! Word on the street is, those employees were teleported back to the 1990’s, never to be seen training again…

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Mummified Mistakes

Companies are forced to scrape together training materials when training is required, but nothing is formally implemented. These training experiences are barely held together—leading to wasted time, wasted resources, and employee mistakes.

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Don’t let your workplace become a chilling tale of missed opportunities and wasted potential. Nothing is scarier than a disengaged, untrained workforce!

If you’re being haunted by any of the horrifying scenarios outlined in this post, (in Ghostbusters voice) you know who to call! 👻 Base-well-lll! 👻

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